Orchard Project Management

Tree Project Manager:

Symbiosis – orchard with apple trees in a field in Near Droitwich

To administrate and maintain the Tree For Life orchards. This Custodial farmer, demands a passionate tree plantation manager with a high expectation of achievement on behalf of their bursary tree owners.

The Orchard farmer will include positioning and overseeing the plantation days for school pupils harvesting and documentation, together with providing Six monthly monitoring and data basing progress, including full tree care and pruning wherever necessary to ensure quality and maximum yield. Working with other colleagues, farmers, marketing and agricultural colleges to achieve the best price and consistent produce purchases. whether it’s for export food product manufacturing or schools and Hospital canteens.

Permaculture : Sustainable farming by design which simply means specifically planting to enhance and help neighboring plants and trees to grow for maximum produce and sustainability. This Farm manager would not only be closely working together with the tree project manager but all farm orchard managers to achieve the success of this “Symbiosis Tree for Life” project.